USA-TN-Memphis 2017 MAR 21 – APR 20 KMG101

USA | Tennessee | Memphis:  21 March – 20 April

Inner-City Self Defense:  Phase 1

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Mission Statement

To empower, prepare and equip any individual with the knowledge, skills, tactics and techniques to defend one’s self and thus promote safety, security, independence and a sense of confidence and well-being, no matter that person’s gender, size or physical fitness level.

Course Description

This is a basic introduction to the Krav Maga /k’ráv-magá/ (translation: “Contact Combat”) Global “KMG” system of self defense.  This course is an entry level course intended for men and women of all fitness levels and no experience is needed.  There is potential advancement & continuation if desired.

Note: Advanced curriculum may be added based upon participant abilities.

Course Objectives
To prepare the student to defend one’s self using prevention, avoidance, de-escalation, Krav Maga techniques & tactics.

Requirements & Attendance

Max. 16 students. Min Age 15.  Ability to listen and follow verbal instructions. Two 90 minute sessions each week for 5 weeks.  Attendance at all sessions is important as each session builds upon skills learned in the previous session.  Makeup sessions may be available by appointment for an additional fee.

Materials Needed

Required:  Hygienically clean participants. Athletic attire (appropriate for co-ed close contact), clean athletic shoes, mouth guard, groin protection.

About the Instructors

Lead Instructor is Robert Yahn.  Rob is a certified Krav Maga Global instructor and is also certified in VIP Third Party Protection/Close Protection and a Combat Fight Instructor.

Assisted by Barbara Wowk.  Barbara is a Black Belt in Krav Maga Alliance and is a Graduate 2 in Krav Maga Global.

This series of sessions will be hosted at:


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Session descriptions are approximate guidelines.  Class times at different locations are 230pm-400pm & 630-800pm

Week 1 MAR TU 21 & TH 23
Week 2 MAR TU 28 & TH 30
Week 3 APR TU 4 & TH 6
Week 4 APR TU 11 & TH 13
Week 5 APR TU 18 & TH 20
Week 6 APR M 24 & TH 27Possible make-up sessions if
Needed TBD